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Next Steps After Accepting a Sponsorship Offer from Recess

Event Organizers
By Recess on November, 15 2019

🎉 Congrats, you just accepted sponsorship offer through Recess. We put together this helpful guide and list of next steps to help guide you through our sponsorship process to make it more streamlined and efficient. We also recommend that you learn how you can make a great first impression on your sponsors and download our Sponsorship Logistics Advance template.

Before you get started on any next steps, make sure you fully understand the Sponsorship Offer and what it entails, especially if you accepted it without reviewing and discussing it with your advisor or team. If you still have a question, email us and we can help.

Next Steps After Your Offer Has Been Accepted

Be prepared to share important information for Recess and your sponsors to start on any immediate next steps with things like:

  • Be prepared to issue a contract (if required) for Recess to complete
  • Provide any insurance requirements that you may require from sponsors so they can issue a Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Provide any requirements for serving food or beverages including permit requirements like your campus or county temporary food permit, food handler’s cards, etc
  • Confirm the event times are still accurate and are up to date in your Event Listing
  • Be ready to provide the times that a sponsor can load-in and start setting up at the event and the times for load-out and when they need to be cleared out from the venue. This helps for sponsors to begin to coordinate staffing for the event

After sending the information in the step above, we will then start on the Logistics Advancing process that includes the following.

  • Confirming details for what you agreed to provide the Sponsor for things like the size for the on-site space for the sponsor, # of tables, # of chairs, power, # of parking spots, and the timing for when they can arrive and start to setup
  • Confirming what the sponsor’s on-site activation includes like passing out promo items as well as the number of staff attending and parking spots they will need
  • The last thing that is coordinated is the on-site logistics including things like
    • Where a sponsor can park
    • Where a sponsor can load-in their equipment prior to the event and load-out their equipment after it is complete

Start preparing for your event and ensuring a smooth arrival process, remember it is better to provide more details than less and be active in providing information


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