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How SJSU Grew Their Sponsor Base By 8X

Event Organizers
By Recess on November, 4 2019

Recess has connected universities nationwide with hundreds of brand sponsorships. We’ve worked closely with the San Jose State University's Associated Students group to consistently deliver brand sponsorships and produce event experiences that students are excited to participate in.



  • 8x more sponsors
  • 50% less time coordinating event logistics.
  • 75% less time sourcing.
  • 100% less time speaking with sponsors


More Sponsors

In 2019, SJSU secured 8 brand sponsorships through Recess. Samantha Cardenas, SJSU’s AS Events Coordinator, has experienced first-hand how Recess makes it easy to reach national brand partners at scale with a single event listing.

Prior to Recess, we only had one annual sponsorship with a local credit union and had not reached out to different brands. Recess has given us the confidence to expand our sponsorship horizons and has helped to connect us to different markets.

Stephanie Cardenas, SJSU AS Events Coordinator


More Revenue

Since SJSU partnered with Recess in 2019, both the number of sponsors and the revenue generated from sponsorships has increased by leveraging Recess’ vast network of brand partners and expertise on authentically connecting with students.


More Efficiency

In addition to increasing the number of brand sponsors and revenue generated for university events, Recess also makes the complicated sponsorship process easier by minimizing time and effort spent on searching, negotiating, securing, and executing brand sponsorships for events.

“Previously, we would reach out to local businesses and banks and inquire about potential sponsorship agreements. We would often spend 1-2 hours in meetings discussing an MOU for the event and for the company. It was much harder to reach out to larger names for events. Having a team that helps to manage sponsorships, and getting connections with these high-quality sponsors.”

Stephanie Cardenas, SJSU AS Events Coordinator


The Recess platform makes it easy for universities to effectively identify, secure, and execute successful brand sponsorships from end-to-end. Visit our website to see how we can help with challenges from identifying the right brands to partner with for events to developing event activations that students want to engage with.

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