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Best Platforms for Live Streaming Virtual Events For Brands and Event Organizers

Virtual Events
By Recess on April, 24 2020

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Here is a quick overview of some of the leading live streaming services and platforms. Some you may have heard of, some are totally foreign to the US consumer, but all of them are super important for understanding the landscape. 


There is a lot to learn from products not native to ones country or to their marketing mix, there are so many platforms to optimize reaching customers. There are clever ways to integrate and interact even for brands on eSports platforms all the way to influencer live broadcast tools. Audiences can be leveraged across platforms or pushed to other channels for sharing pre recorded or live video events. 


The challenge is always finding the right content thats out there for your brand. If you’re curious in learning more - Signup Here: 


We can help get you setup and streamlined with a proper Live Virtual event thats right for your brand: 


  1. Snapchat Live Stories - Live Streaming and Virtual Events on Snapchat, the most popular platform for Gen-Z

  2. Twitter - Simple live streaming to your followers via a Broadcast perfect for virtual events

  3. YouTube - World largest video site allows for live performances, esports, races, and any form of broadcasts

  4. Facebook - Worlds leading social network allows you to stream virtual events across mobile and web devices!

  5. Facebook Groups and public pages - Setup virtual events directly to your favorite communities

  6. Wowza - Broadcast high quality live streaming to any device 

  7. Instagram - Originally created for photo sharing and videos, but now has Live Stream via Instagram TV

  8. Twitch - The largest gaming and esports streaming platform in the world

  9. Mixer - An interactive live streaming platform for gamers

  10. YouTube Events - Event based live streaming on Youtube

  11. Periscope by Twitter - Periscope is Twitters live streaming native app

  12. LinkedIn Live Stream - LinkedIn allows businesses and companies livestream across the social network 

  13. VK Live - One of the leading social networks in Eastern Europe and Russia live streaming platform 

  14. DLive - Decentralized live streaming via the blockchain 

  15. YouTube Stream Now - Is the quickest way to stream on YouTube

  16. Dailymotion - Leading French video platform that has a live streaming capability

  17. kakaoTV - Korean social streaming video platform 

  18. Naver TV- Korean Live Streaming platform for Sports and Broadcasts

  19. Nimo TV - Leading PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds streaming platform

  20. V LIVE - One of the leading Korean celebrity streaming platforms known as V App


Other Apps: Live stream event platforms and tools worth exploring - 

  1. GoodGame

  2. Smashcast

  3. Huya


  5. Bilibili

  6. AfreecaTV

  7. Mobcrush

  8. CyberGame

  9. Major League Gaming

  10. Douyu

  11. LiveEdu(Education Ecosystem)

  12. Vaughn Live

  13. iNSTAGIB

  14. Breakers.TV

  15. Vapers.TV

  16. Picarto


  18. FC2 Live

  19. Steam

  20. TELE2

  21. IRIS (Bambuser)

  22. Younow


  24. Dacast

  25. Livestream

  26. Brightcove

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