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5 Things to Know When Reviewing an Offer

Event Organizers
By Recess on March, 27 2020

Hopefully, if you’re reading this it means you’ve listed an event (yay!), but if you haven’t, then check out our Listing Events 101 article to get started. Once you have an event listed, the next step is waiting to receive an offer. Our goal here is to prepare you for when that offer arrives, so here are five things to know when reviewing an offer. 

1. Recess is your friend

To make sure that you are being notified about your sponsorship offers, add Recess as a contact in your mailbox. This way any emails regarding sponsorship offers will be delivered safely to your inbox and avoid falling into the abyss (aka the spam folder). 

2. You have the power

It’s up to you to either accept or deny an offer based on whether you think the brand is a good fit or not. If you decide to deny your offer though, please make sure to press the deny button and provide feedback as to why you are denying it. This way the brand gets notified that their offer was denied and they understand why. Based on your feedback they could choose to alter their offer and resubmit it or accept the denial and try to find an alternative event. 

3. Offers Expire! 

One of the most important things to know when reviewing an offer is that all offers expire within two weeks of being submitted. To avoid missing an opportunity, make sure you’re frequently checking back into the Recess platform and responding promptly within that two-week deadline. If you need an extension on an offer, please shoot us an email with your request. 

4. Things happen

We understand that things don’t always go as planned and event details may need to be changed. That’s OK. If the date, time, location or other details for your event have changed and you have a pending offer, please let us know. Otherwise, your pending offer becomes invalid and the brand will have to resubmit and agree to the changes. 

5. It’s OK to ask for help

If you have questions about your offer, shoot us an email at so we can help get things cleared up before your offer expires. 

Now you’re prepped and ready to review your first offer! Are you excited? Because I’m excited for you. If you want to take it one step further and learn about what happens after you accept an offer, click here. 

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